Our vision

Litia is a brand name for Predilnica Litija

one of the leading European producers of special yarns from natural and synthetic fibres and their blends.

What we are

We are a cotton type spinning mill specialised in ring-spun yarns from bi- or more-component blends of different natural and man-made fibres. Our yarns have been applied for a variety of end-uses in apparel, home and technical textiles, in weaving as well as in knitting.

Developments of products

With our own development of products, we continuously build-in new, innovative fibres. We work closely with our partners and are confident to provide the best solutions to your inquiries.

Tradition & history

  • Signed contract on establishment of commandite Schwarz Zublin&Co on establishment of the cotton spinning and weaving mill in Litija


  • Litija spinning mill is incorporated into the textile concern Mauntner


  • Litija spinning mill is incorporated into the company Yugoslav textile factory Mautner d.d. with the headquarters in Ljubljana


  • Litija spinning mill is incorporated into the company Littai – pragwalder textilwerke AG


  • Litija spinning mill becomes a state company with a federal importance; its name is Predilnica Litija in Litija


  • Self-government is introduced in the company


  • The process of claiming to property and registration of the company as joint-stock company into the Courts’ records


  • Status transformation of the joint-stock company into the limited liability company. The only partner is Predilnica Litija holding d.d.