Our diverse homes create many opportunities for new yarn ideas using our wide range of raw materials and complex blending capabilities. We are able to link creativity with nature in our range of linen blends and we offer you the opportunity to design yarns to meet your individual needs.
Litia also links innovation and creativity in its blends of fibres with special functional properties and natural fibres. These yarns combine the natural fibre properties that we all value with value added functionalities.

Blends with linen

Litia offers a variety of yarns with different levels of rustic or fine natural fibres in order to offer our customers a versatile choice of yarns. A careful selection of different types of linen fibres in combination with a number of slub types and a wide range of yarn counts, creates a versatile range of yarn options. Whilst Litia produces raw yarns, there are also yarns designed to be able to be dyed and finished to give special efects. Litia is always looking for sustainable solutions as we combine linen with different types of natural and man made fibres.

• viscose/linen
• cotton/linen
• tencel/linen
• viscose/linen/polyamide
• polyester/ linen
• blends with bleached linen

Litia strives to provide yarns which increase the appeal of the final product to the consumer, by developing yarn blends which deliver special properties. Our blend yarns provide long lasting and efficient performance and we achieve this by careful selection of the functional fibres that we use. We work closely with our customers and provide support all the way through to the finished article – particularly in the area of product testing and certification.

Flame retardancy:

With polyester FR


• permanent FR properties – high L.O.I. index & meets most reputed safety standards
• excellent light resistance
• excellent color fastness
• easy finishing

Supplementary support – FR Total care:
• trade mark licensing system
• assistance in flammability certification
• technical and creative support and services

With Modacrylics FR

soft, warm and resilient

• permanent flame retardancy,
• easy dyeable
• outstanding resistance to chemical agents,
• not toxic & non-allergenic, no moth or mildew threat

In 100% and in blends with linnen, cotton, Lenzing FR, viscose, modal etc.

Other functionalities

• acrylic Amicor – antibacterial & antifungal
• acrylic Dralon X-250 – UV stability
• polyester Cationic – dyeing effects
• polyester Coolplus – water diffusion, quickly-dry, air permeability
• viscose VILOFT – moisture management
• lyocell Clima – thermo regulative
• other