Fashion is naturally experimental, changing from season to season. However, there is always a stable core of fibres and yarn blends which act as an anchor to which seasonal trends are applied. Litia, with its emphasis on providing a wide choice of yarns from different fibre blends, is very well placed to provide their customers with these yarns whilst also offering the flexibility of yarns from new blends to meet the demands of changing fashion trends. Litia places great emphasis on pushing forward with new yarn blend developments.

Various forms of spinning:

• slub,
• core,
• siro-spun,
• siro-core,
• crepe,
• malfile,
• compact,
• other
Single and twisted

Our blends:

• a variety of linen blends
• natural noble fibres in blends with
cotton or viscose in finer counts:
– cashmere, silk, wool, angora
– other natural fibres like hemp,
kapok, bamboo
• cotton / polyamide blends
• blends with TENCEL, Modal , Cupro,
L2 Thermo,
• micro fibres like micro Modal, micro
polyamide, micro polyester

Performance yarns:

• antibacterial
• thermo regulative
• moisture management
• odour management

Yarns from Litia are sold in ecru form.

Our production capabilities are designed to offer maximum flexibility to meet the specific technical requirements of our clients.