Lives often depend upon materials that we supply and so we take our job seriously. We ensure that our products address comfort, durability and adaptability by using the best blends to serve our customers’ needs and the final end user’s needs.
After all, it is not just about business, it is about safety and quality of life.
By careful selection of the best raw materials in combination with the best spinning processes and practices we help our customers to create products with the desired functional properties.

Flame retardancy

with Modarcrylics FR

soft, warm and resilient

100% and in blends with cotton, Lenzing FR, viscose, modal etc.
permanent flame retardancy, easily dyeable, outstanding resistance to chemical agents, metal splash resistant, arc-flash protective, not toxic & non-allergenic, no moth or mildew threat

with Meta-Aramids

100% and in blends with cotton, Lenzing FR, viscose, modal etc.

good resistance to abrasion, low flammability, nonconductive, not melting, wearability and folding endurance

with Para-aramids:

improved strength-to-weight properties.

Abrasion resistancy

for uniforms, professional and active wear

• durability
• comfort
• light weight and strong in blends like:
– cotton / polyamide 6.6 T420
– polyamide 6.6 T420 / cotton / lyocell TENCEL
– cotton / polyamide 6.6 T420 / elastane XLA


It is possible to supply most of our yarns with an added antistatic function by adding 2-3% of a choice of antistatic fibre in the final yarn:

• Polyamide – carbon based
• Polyamide – silver based
• Polyester – carbon based

Other functionalities

• polyester with regulated IR remission
• acrylic Amicor – antibacterial & antifungal
• polyester Cationic – dyeing effects
• polyester Coolplus – water diffusion, quick-dry, air permeability
• viscose Viloft – moisture management
• polyester L2 Thermo – thermo regulative
• lyocell Clima – thermo regulative
• elastanes Lycra and XLA – core yarns for higher comfort
• core yarns with polyester filament as core
• Lyocell Protection – protective against insects

Various forms of spinning: ring, compact, siro-spun, core, single or twisted.

One of Litia’s main focuses is to offer a wide range of technical yarns for industrial needs. We supply yarns for extreme functional end uses and by constant development and the use of the best possible materials we guarantee top quality programmes.

Acrylic Homopolymer

Applications: for hot gas and dust filtration and wet filtration

• higher temperature and dimensional stability
• greater hydrolysis and chemical resistance
• high tensile strength


Applications: for wet filtration

• excellent chemical resistance
• at high temperature the fibers keep almost all of their normal mechanical properties
• very lightweight
• high strength
• abrasion resistant
• low moisture absorption


also in variation for food contact products

Polyphenylene Sulfide

Applications: for heat and chemical filters, papermaking felts, insulators, reinforcing materials etc.ear

• excellent heat resistance
• high melting point
• stable on most acids, alkalis and organic solvents
• similar to polyester in strength, elongation and elasticity


Applications: high temperature gas filtration tail gas/fume/ dust from metallurgical plant, carbon black plant, iron works, cement plant, etc.

• long-term thermal performance and chemical stability
• folding endurance
• high resistance to breakage

Supplementary: antistatic function

Metal-based antistatic, up to 30% in the blend

• prevents charging up
• consistent electrical conductivity
• high corrosion and mechanical resistance
• superior lifetime